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Nepal's Mud Festival-Ashar 15

            Nepal being an agriculture based country, celebrates each sphere of  agriculture supporting it uniquely naming them in the form of Festival. Instances are Kirat Rai community celebrates Ubhauli Festival as praying mother nature for good crops and protection from natural calamities, Sakela-Udhauli Festival for rice harvesting and thanking god for good crops and most importantly every farmer from all communities of Nepal celebrates Ashar -15, considered as Dahi Chiura( Yogurt & beaten rice) eating Festival along with rice plantation.  Dahi-Chiura             Ashar (Mid June) being the major monsoon season in Nepal, is the month of rice plantation across the country. Mainly in the Hilly areas of Nepal, the day Ashar 15 is celebrated as Ropai(Plantation) Festival. It could be visualized as Oxen ploughing fields, women sowing seeds and men digging the fields. The best part of this festival is throwing mud at each other and being drenched all over with muddy w